Traditional Packaging Production

Large Format Digital Production

Business process integration


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Optimise work flow and your management processes

Evaluate the integrated solution used by our clients in the paper industry and box factories for producing packaging and displays. See how you can easily keep everything under control and increase your customer service capacity.

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Focus on flow automation

Work flow automation is a fundamental factor for giving companies a competitive edge. It is especially important for small production batches in digital printed and paper manufacturing processes.

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Use the electronic data exchange

Make your relationships with your clients and suppliers immediate, certain, and transparent while eliminating costs and data entry errors. Choose Unidocx.

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What our clients say about us

Pack is the best support for the management of complex products. Its intuitive technical forms, the materials management and the activities facilitate the understanding, the analysis and the management of the most difficult products. In addition, there is the work flow that collects all peculiarities of our job (except one!!), manages purchases, production and storehouses in a rapid way. For such reason, it is the common language of our group.

(Luca Meana - Responsabile Commerciale Italia)

Packway Console allows us to accelerate the extraction of data from Packway and from the other connected systems, increasing the users productivity and reducing the impact on the IT infrastructure

Luca Camanni  - ICT Manager Pozzoli Spa

The DURST/KONGSBERG tandem integrated to our distinctive know hows allows us, with our promotional solutions, to be the partner of national and international brands of high profile, and to support their Marketing and Merchandising processes

Davide Brandolini - Espo&Cartotec

Relying on a specialist partner able to follow the business growth and on a operational system able to easily and gradually adapt to your own management: these are the priorities that have been following the growth and have been guided the informatics choices of CGV


Enzo Cogolato - Cartotecnica Grafica Vicentina S.r.l.

Now Unidocx manages order reception to our management system for the necessary uploading.  We have reduced the incidence of corporate data entry costs and reduced the risk of errors that may occur when copying data, resulting in a noticeable reduction in lead times.

(Scatolificio SIOS Case study)

With high-profile partners

In order to consistently guarantee our users highly productive and efficient solutions, we operate in partnership with leading technological players who - like us - are specialists in their sectors.

Logo Esko

Esko is a leader in pre-production and workflow software for Packaging and Sign and Display users, designers and producers. Esko produces cutting tables and the Kongsberg milling machine. With its headquarters in Belgium, the company boasts a worldwide organisation of about 1,100 employees and a network of distributors in more than 40 countries. The B+B Group is the reseller of ArtiosCAD, i-cut Suite, and Kongsberg products in Italy and has also integrated Esko in the Packway management flow.

Logo Kube

Kube Sistemi is a leader in the world of logistics that supports its clients with expertise and professionalism, as well as with good will and passion. B+B Group's collaboration with Kube Sistemi derives from a specialisation in the paper industry work flow and in a common desire to offer clients solid investment opportunities by making available applications and specialised services for the management of logistics, warehouse, shipping, and transportation. 

Logo Sistemi

Sistemi Spa is the Italian leader for the production of management solutions for companies and boasts an extensive network of retailers throughout Italy. The B+B Group has integrated its own Packway management system with Sistemi products to offer an optimal solution that meets the accounting and tax needs of clients using their own software. With the arrival of E-solver in the family of Sistemi products,  B+B became capable of satisfying most of a company's requests for prompt and precise financial management.

Logo Bobst

The Bobst Group represents the most efficient service organisation in the world for services dedicated to packaging manufacturers in the folding carton, corrugated board and flexible materials industries. The B+B Group has developed an interface for Bobst machines: Highway. A JDF-compliant software for the direct and constant monitoring of the machine and its performance and for automatic and rapid pre-setting. 

Logo Sirio Informatica

Sirio Informatica e Sistemi operates in the management software and IT services sectors with 6 offices and about 130 collaborators. The integration of Packway, the B+B Informatica management system, with Paper Next Generation guarantees Converting and Packaging industries a manufacturing system that is both advanced and easy to use in the plant, with a scheduler developed exclusively for the world of corrugated cardboard and the capacity to make an immediate improvement in the client's production efficiency and flexibility.